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Z School Internet Marketing Mastery

“Discover How You Can Attract a Steady Stream of Clients And Add $6,000 to $36,000 (or More) to Your Income, Step-by-Step, With Greater Clarity and Ease Than You Ever Imagined!”

Attention: Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Holistic Practitioners, and Service-Oriented Business Owners Who Want to Make a Difference

Tuesday, 9:30 AM
From: Miriam Zacharias and Julia Zaslow

Dear Business Owner,

Do you feel stuck? Are you confused about how to build an online presence or frustrated with the glacial pace of your growth? Do you dislike or even hate sales and marketing because you just want to help people?

Tired, stressed, busy women

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it’s a good thing you’ve found us because we know something you may not...

The Secret to Your Success

We know that the secret to your success – which means getting your solution into the hands of the people who need it (your clients and customers) – depends entirely on how well you are able to spread the word about your unique message of help and hope. And in business, “spreading the word” means marketing.

Now, if you just stopped breathing when you heard the evil “m” word, bear with us for a second because we need to tell you something important:

Marketing is the key to your success.

Marketing simply means communicating the value of what you do in a way that your ideal clients get and that makes them want to work with you.

And when you get your marketing dialed in, everything magically shifts into gear...

Clients begin to seek YOU out (no more chasing!). Your tight-running marketing engine effortlessly engages prospects. You feel confident and focused. You can finally RELAX, knowing that the groundwork you’ve laid is building momentum — even while you sleep — and you’ll be richly rewarded in satisfaction and money.

The problem is, where do you start?

Who should you listen to and what system should you follow?

We know just how overwhelming this can be. The amount of information out there on business building and internet marketing is mind-boggling. The big online marketing “gurus” espouse new tactic after tactic and you're left chasing the latest shiny object... while you're actually just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.

In the end, even with all this information, you are forced to do all the legwork to pull together a bunch of confusing concepts into a plan that makes sense. And even then, you’re left worrying “Is this going to work? Am I doing things right? Am I missing something HUGE that is going to cost me down the road?”

It seems that no matter how much information you consume, no matter how many webinars you attend, no matter how many products you buy — you’re still confused about how to do it right so you don’t waste time, money and heartache. We get it. We really do.

Our Stories, Our Struggle

Believe it or not, we were in the same boat. While both of us had successful careers in corporate America and were making great money, around the same time many years back (we didn’t know each other then) we felt the calling to do something more meaningful with our lives and each ended up studying holistic nutrition.

Separately, with degrees in hand, we struggled with those big, difficult questions of how to get started and how to get our messages out into the world. We quickly came face to face with just how hard it is…

One of us (Miriam) had been a sales executive at Microsoft and was immersed in the world of computers and high tech.

One of us (Julia) had been a webmaster for a fast-growing internet start up for years and worked at Apple as an online project manager.

But even with all that know-how in the world of tech, both of us struggled to figure out how to get our own businesses off the ground and moving into powerful momentum before we went totally broke.

In the early stages when we still hadn’t met yet, each of us independently started studying everything we could get our hands on in the world of internet marketing. We bought online courses, we went to seminars, we read books, we networked. We put up our websites and started building our email lists. We developed group programs and sold supplements to boost our income.

We tried, tweaked and tested. And still… things weren’t happening fast enough and the money was bleeding from our accounts.

The Turning Point (Big Shifts!)

Then, as luck would have it, our lives intersected.

We were brought together to work with one of the leaders in the wellness industry and helped her to build her online empire from the ground up. This was the huge turning point because we had the opportunity to put all of our knowledge into play, test it and refine it. We made big mistakes and learned what not to do. We had huge successes and learned some magic formulas that WORK.

And, fully immersed in the world of internet marketing, we were turned on to more experts, each of us investing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars studying from the likes of Brendon Burchard, Dan Kennedy, Jeff Walker, Ali Brown, Eben Pagan, Joe Polish, Lisa Sasevich, Rich Schefren, and more.

Those years of study, research, and plenty of trial and error were rough, but rewarding. Over time, we figured out a whole lot of things. The trouble was, we noticed that many of our friends and colleagues were still struggling, barely able to get their businesses off the ground, or having trouble keeping momentum up.

We realized that with our real-world experience building a multi-million dollar brand, coaching dozens of health care practitioners to build their online presence, our collective skills in web design and development, sales and marketing, and professional development -- PLUS all of our coursework from dozens of online wizards -- we knew we could build a simple internet marketing mastery course that delivers bottom line results for people who are either new to marketing or simply frustrated with the results they've gotten so far. And, for those who RESIST marketing because it feels "icky" or "slimy".

We’ve been helping professionals with an important message get the word out while they build wildly successful businesses, and now we want to share those secrets with you.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Now

Whether you are just starting out and setting up your business from scratch, you’ve been at it a little while and need some focus and direction, or if you’re just stuck and don’t know where or how to get unstuck, then Z School Marketing Mastery is your ticket to get your butt in gear and get your message out to the world – and of course, start making serious money doing the work that you were put on this earth to do.

Here's what our recent graduates have to say about Z School:

"Julia and Miriam are clearly experts with a level of professionalism and personal attention that is as exceptional. I highly recommend Z School Marketing Mastery course for any professionals looking to expand their internet business..."

"Wow, wow, wow!!! Fantastic!

Z School Marketing Mastery was truly a phenomenal experience. What sets Z School apart from many, in my opinion, is their intimate knowledge of the Health and Wellness Industry and how internet marketing within this realm is applied successfully.

They are very in touch with their audience be they coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. Many within this profession tend to set the bar lower for themselves. Z School inspired me beyond my comfort zone to not only seek a broader understanding of the possibilities of the expanse of my business, but empowered me and challenged me with interesting and thoughtful homework that facilitated my direct access to that broader vision.

Julia and Miriam are clearly experts with a level of professionalism and personal attention that is as exceptional. I highly recommend Z School Marketing Mastery course for any professionals looking to expand their internet business and I anxiously await the opportunity to participate in other courses that they offer in the future. "

- Margaret Jacobson
The Mother Rising

"What I loved about Z School is I now have a detailed process to follow to take me to the next level in my business... I can't thank you enough for sending me on my way to success!"

"Let me start by saying how wonderful it was to take a course taught by my own colleagues! Just having that connection to you two and seeing you work together on this was fun!

Obviously, the knowledge and experience you both possess is considerable but when combined into the Z School, its impact was that much greater. You complement each other well and we benefited tremendously from your collaboration.

What I loved about Z School is I now have a detailed process to follow to take me to the next level in my business. The classes and handouts guided me to my niche, and gave me the steps to take to deliver a sellable product via the Internet. I can’t imagine how much time I saved by participating in this course!

The content shared is excellent, practical, and so beneficial to anyone who is a consultant needing to market themselves. The information was tailored specifically to wellness professionals making it applicable immediately. You supplied a deep foundation of marketing information that can be referred to over and over and that is invaluable to people like me who don't have this expertise.

I can’t thank you enough for sending me on my way to success!"

- Patsy Wallace, NC,
Sonoma, California

"Any fears I had about creating my website, writing blogs, social media, product development, or getting people to sign up for my email list are no longer draining me."

"The Z School Marketing course was awesome!

As a recent graduate from Hawthorn University the information that Miriam and Julia shared helped me prioritize my needs to market myself. I feel relieved to have discovered my 'niche market' through the homework exercises they recommended. With my own casual voice and style I feel confident telling clients how I can help them.

Any fears I had about creating my website, writing blogs, social media, product development, or getting people to sign up for my email list are no longer draining me. I know exactly what I need to do to get my business launched and would highly recommend this series to anyone who is serious about making a profitable income as a health professional.

Thank you once again Miriam and Julia!

P.S. - Keep me posted on your next offering!"

- Katie Carter, NC 

"Miriam and Julia have really gotten me off to a great start. I can't wait to implement what I have learned."

"I bought the Z School Marketing course after listening to a seminar given by Julia and Miriam. I was so excited about all that I had learned in that session, I couldn't wait to sign up for more.

I came into the course knowing very little about marketing. I have gained so much knowledge about getting my name out in my community and steering people towards my services. Miriam and Julia have really gotten me off to a great start. I can't wait to implement what I have learned."

- Whitney Berry, CNE
Nourish Family Health

"If you need a crash course in how to set up and market your own health and wellness business, Z School is the way to go... The investment will pay for itself many times over."

"If you need a crash course in how to set up and market your own health and wellness business, Z School is the way to go.

All the info is clear and to the point; both Miriam and Julia are absolute experts and know what they are talking about.

The investment will pay for itself many times over."

- Barbara Birke, MS

Ready for your own results? We're thrilled to offer our Z School Marketing Mastery course to help you have a greater impact and build the business of your dreams!

Z School Internet Marketing Mastery

When you order this course, you'll receive a large binder with the following inside:

FIVE AUDIO CDS where we take you through the process of building and marketing your business step-by-step. Classes include:

Audio CD 1: Identifying Your Niche and Target Audience
Learn why it's critical to narrow your focus and how to craft your message to attract your ideal clients. If you don't get this step right, you'll find yourself stuck with a frustrating, slow-growing business for years.

Audio CD 2: Website Essentials, WordPress & Email Opt-ins
Learn exactly what your website needs, how to build it quickly and cheaply, and how to set up your email opt-in for fast list building. A bad website reflects poorly on you and will send potential clients elsewhere. Avoid the common mistakes and create a site that reflects you and attracts your ideal clients.

Audio CD 3: All About Email Marketing
Learn the essentials of email marketing including the most important things you need to know to get results fast, and what beginner mistakes NOT to make. Email marketing is your key money-making strategy and we'll show you how to do it right.

Audio CD 4: Signature Program & Product Development
Learn why you need to have a signature program or product, and how to market and structure it. Discover the common mistakes people make when designing their products and programs and avoid these errors for a faster route to success.

Audio CD 5: Social Media, Public Talks, Media
Find out how to effectively use social media, public talks and media appearances to get your message out and draw clients to you without wasting precious time and money. You'll get checklists to make it simple for you to get it right.

TRANSCRIPTS OF ALL CLASSES so you can read, re-read and highlight as you wish.

HANDOUTS AND WORKSHEETS to help you follow along, retain what you learn, and help you put into play all of the great ideas that we’ll be reviewing in our classes. You'll receive all materials in your class binder.

Plus you'll get:

ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY where you will be able to discuss, share your thoughts, and get support in a safe and confidential place with other like-minded folks in the program.

INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS TO THE COMPLETE PROGRAM including MP3 recordings of all classes so you can watch and listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player.

Plus We're Giving You These Special BONUSES!

BONUS #1: The Z Ultimate Resource Rolodex. Our priceless listing of books, tools, services, and vendors that WE use and rely on for building an online empire. This listing alone will save you hours of research time (and boatloads of cash through trial and error!). $97 value

BONUS #2: Your Essential Website Blueprint. Julia’s comprehensive ebook that lays out what you need to know when creating and improving your website, utilizing the latest marketing concepts for attracting and keeping prospects connected to you. $37 value.

BONUS #3: How to Make Your Mission Your Business. Miriam’s complete ebook on how to establish your personal foundation, craft a business plan, tap into your genius and set yourself up for success in your new business venture. $37 value.

BONUS #4: How to Market Anything Framework. This is an audio CD + cheat sheet that breaks down, step-by-step, how to market anything. Never again be stuck in front of a blank page wondering where to start! $97 value.

The total value of these bonuses is $268!

As you can see, we haven't left anything out. We've created a well rounded, comprehensive course that walks you through the A to Z of marketing your business online.

Now you might be wondering...

So How Much Does This Program Cost?

Our competitors charge $1000-$2000 and more for this kind of program, so we could have gone that route. But honestly, we didn’t feel good about pricing our program that high because we understand what it feels like to be on a shoestring budget while you're trying to build your business. We've been where you are, and we understand you're anxious to make progress but don't have a pile of cash in the bank.

So, we’re excited to tell you we priced the program at only one easy payment of $397, or two payments of $217, for the whole ball of wax—which inclues the 5 audio CDs, the transcripts, the handouts and worksheets, and all of the bonuses (which by themselves are worth $268).

We think it's a pretty fair deal for our best information that has the potential to fast track your business growth and help you avoid mistakes that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But, if you're still concerned about cost, please think about this:

Our individual clients spend $250 per hour to work with us… each! In the program, you get over 5 hours of in-depth lecture time with BOTH of us, plus the transcripts of those lectures, as well as worksheets we've put together for each class that will help you get the most out of each one.

AND you're going to get our bonus class "How to Market Anything Framework" that will give you a simple blueprint to follow for any marketing piece you need to create — including your website, sales page, flyer, or postcard.

That’s more than 6 hours of teaching – or in dollars in cents that’s about $1,500 for only one of us. Since we both teach every single class, that hourly value doubles to $3,000! Add to that the bonuses and, well, you see where we’re going here. At the low cost of just one payment of $397, or 2 payments of $217, you're getting us at a small fraction of our normal rate.

But more important, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is it costing you to NOT know how to to start building the business of your dreams?
  • What is it costing you to NOT deliver your solutions to the people who need them most?
  • How much money have you already wasted on sales and marketing tactics that haven’t worked?
  • How long have you been STUCK trying to figure out where to start and confused about your next steps?

If you think about this, you’ll realize that it’s costing you FAR MORE not to take action.

Still Have Questions or Concerns?

If we were to guess the top questions or objections you might have about buying our program today, they would be these:

1. I don’t even know what kind of business I want to set up. Should I wait to take the course until I do?

Actually, that’s a perfect reason to enroll right away! Early on, our course will help you identify your target market, clarify your vision, and craft your marketing message. One of the bonuses is a complete startup guide on How to Make Your Mission Your Business, which has been developed specifically for, well, start-ups. It's the tool you can use to create your business idea from scratch. You will save time, headache and money, too, since you’ll build exactly what you want from the very start … and then have all the materials to review again and again.

2. I’ve already invested lots of money in sales and marketing for my business. How is your program going to be any different?

Great question. One big distinction in our course is that in addition to giving you the the big picture of each of the key marketing skills you’ll need to be successful, we’ll hand off the step-by-step tactics that you can implement RIGHT AWAY for quick results. And we will tell you how to prioritize it all to make it as easy as possible for you so you aren’t left trying to figure out what you need to do first, and when it’s time to move on to the next key action step.

2. Is this material really something that can be learned through a home study course?

Yes, it is. While the material is well suited to teaching online—through teleclasses and digital materials—we all know that information alone does not guarantee success. Your part is to take the recommended exercises and instructions and actually work on them on your own. If you are not willing to put in this time, this course probably isn’t for you.

3. I don’t have the time to take on one more thing. It just feels overwhelming to me.

We hear you there – that’s the life of an entrepreneur, isn't it? We honestly believe we have built a program that, if implemented as we suggest, will actually save you time and offer a new marketing method that is continuously and effortlessly delivering ongoing, new prospective clients to you, a huge time saving.

4. It’s too expensive – I can’t afford it right now.

Let us put this into perspective for you. What is it costing you NOT to understand how to position and market your business so you can start bringing in clients and income quickly? Think about the hours, days, weeks, months you’ve spent (and will continue to spend) frustrated, overwhelmed by all the marketing stuff you need to know in addition to running your business, feeling helpless and a bit afraid.

Do you think this works with or against your ability to be more productive and make more money? Is this interfering with your personal life – including your kids, your partner, and your friends? If you think about how your life would change in so many ways – both tangible and intangible – how much is that worth to you? If our tactics can bring in just one single client to you, hasn’t the program paid for itself?

With that said, if you truly cannot afford this course and it would cost you and your family undue hardship, then by all means, please wait until a better time.

5. But my customers are different. What you are teaching probably isn’t even relevant to me.

Believe it or not, 100% of all buying decisions that people make are based on emotion and not logic! Whether someone is buying a car, coaching services, or a nutritional supplement, these fundamental buying behaviors haven’t changed since the days of barter and trade. We will be teaching you the basics of how to create compelling tools that use these concepts to position your unique products and services to your target market, regardless of the kind of business you are building.

No more stalling!

You made a commitment to deliver your solutions to the world and people are waiting for you. Tick tock... it's time to GET MOVING!


YES, ladies, I'm ready to take my message
and my mission out to the masses!

I understand that with my affordable investment, I'll receive the following:

FIVE AUDIO CDS where we take you through the process of building and marketing your business step-by-step.

TRANSCRIPTS of all classes.


FACEBOOK GROUP private community access.

ONLINE ACCESS to the complete program.

Plus I'll Receive the Following Bonuses:

BONUS #1: The Z Ultimate Resource Rolodex. Value $97

BONUS #2: Your Essential Website Blueprint ebook. Value $37

BONUS #3: How to Make Your Mission Your Business ebook. Value $37

BONUS #4: How to Market Anything Framework audio CD + cheat sheet. Value $97

I understand "Z School Marketing Mastery" comes with a money-back guarantee. If I'm not happy with the course, I can return the materials within 30 days, and I'll receive 100% of my money back with no reason needed.

With all this, I'm ready to learn everything that Miriam Zacharias and Julia Zaslow have have to teach me about marketing and business building.

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With love and appreciation,

Miriam Zacharias & Julia Zaslow

P.S. Remember, you can never go wrong investing in your education. It's the wisest investment you can make. Get started today.


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