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Imagine waking up each day feeling as confident in your ability to market your services as you are in your ability to heal your clients.

In The PEACE Process, I’ll teach you how.


Considered to be the definitive marketing resource for holistic, functional, and integrative clinicians, join the thousands who are successfully using The PEACE Process marketing method to turn their personal calling into a thriving business.

Last fall I was asked to develop and teach a class on leadership at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. I jumped at the chance! After all, I am passionate about the topic and have personally studied it for years. This would be fun… and easy. Or so I thought. To begin with, nearly everything ever written about leadership focuses on C-suite executives who manage…

If you were born after 1917, you probably know what a website is. And chances are, if you’re reading this post, you have a website of your own. But lately I’ve been asked about landing pages: what they are and whether you need one. And if it’s essential to have one in addition to having a website. The answer to that question is a qualified YES,…

Set point theory asserts that your body will fight to maintain a weight range where it is programmed to function optimally, assuming there are no other influences involved. Just as you have no control over your height, eye color or hair color, your body is biologically and genetically determined to weigh within a certain weight range, usually within a few pounds. There’s an interesting parallel…
More than 250,000 people in the U.S. die
each year from medical mistakes. I was
personally impacted by one such
tragedy. And that was the trigger that
changed the course of my life’s work.

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Wow! Thanks for all your great ideas for our practice! I LOVE the one page offer you developed for promoting an offer at the end of a public talk; it’s so clear and easy to read. Thanks and more thanks for your guidance.
Jeanne Peters, RD, BS and Certified Wellness Coach