For natural health companies and organizations that sell products and services to clinicians

  • Design marketing plans and campaigns to grow market share and profitability
  • Train sales teams to effectively move products in an increasingly competitive terrain
  • Develop practice development content that teaches your customers how to prosper
  • Facilitate strategic planning meetings that deliver lasting, positive organizational growth

Partial client list includes:

  • Emerson Ecologics
  • Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Seroyal
  • Standard Process
  • Restorative Formulations
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals
  • Pastoral Medical Association
  • Children’s Success Foundation


For educational institutions dedicated to the success of their students beyond graduation

  • Design and teach custom business courseware that complements your clinical curriculum
  • Deliver standalone practice-building webinars, workshops, and seminars that ignite action
  • Offer bulk discounts on my book, The PEACE Process, the definitive marketing resource for students and clinicians

Schools I’ve worked with include:

  • Bastyr University
  • Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Nutritional Therapy Association
  • Wellcoaches, Inc.


  • Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
  • GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Maryland University of Integrative Health


For organizations that offer business-building talks at clinically-focused conferences


Recent conferences include:

  • Nutritional Therapy Association
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals
  • Holistic Primary Care
  • Arizona Wellness Alliance
  • Southern California University of Health Sciences
  • Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association
  • The Business of Better Medicine – Emerson Ecologics
  • Functional Medicine Group of Santa Monica